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ECAP321 PVC Flue Cap: For use as a vent terminal Intake and Exhaust

The ECap321 is a small vent cap designed for the exposed openings of PVC vent pipes on your roof. The E-Cap is made from GE's Geloy Resin®, a material noted for high-weatherability and exceptional durability. Designed by a former military housing contractor for military housing, the E-CAP is available to homeowners fE-Cap BlueBGor just $8.95. The E-Cap's design protects PVC vent pipes for your furnace, sewer, and radon systems from external elements while allowing exhaust gases to escape. In fact, the E-Cap actually provides better airflow than an Unprotected conventional PVC pipe. Vent Pipe Cap

The E-Cap installs in just a few minutes with a small application of PVC glue. The E-Cap is the only solution you need for covering your exposed PVC vent pipes and gives you a nice exterior look on your rooftop as well as a great addition to your home improvement projects.

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